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A Table !

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Acclaimed the world over, French gastronomy is enshrined in a raft of rites and rituals currently affected by matters extending far beyond the realms of cuisine. New trends in both lifestyle and consumer behaviour permeate the dining experience, thus transforming an art de vivre where emotion and togetherness now ally with sustainability and man’s search for the true meaning of life. From the social dilemmas regarding the food of the future, to the art of food and wine pairing, via the wonders of the art of tableware and a behind-the-scenes restaurant insider view, read on for a Troplong Mondot whistle-stop tour of inspirational gastronomic ideas.


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Nature is at the origin of our wines. Every day we strive to maintain the necessary balance and protect biodiversity. Our duty to act inspires us to look beyond the obvious and nourish our thoughts so as to enrich our procedures. Learn more about The Brando’s inspiring initiatives and the illuminating ideas of the environmental economist Alain Grandjean, before witnessing our daily commitments and sharing a stroll in the park with a somewhat special guest.


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Recollection, both a complex and fascinating phenomenon, is an element that allows us to put our memories to good use for our future. Learn about Troplong Mondot’s long term approach and discover, with both a wine-taster and a neuroscientist, the secrets of recollection during tasting while sharing memories of chateau life.

The Look

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From its summit, Troplong Mondot invites one to look onwards and outwards and to take time to reflect on and even adopt a new point of view. Either thanks to the work of the documentary photographer Johan Berglund, side by side with our team or through a new vision of our universe, come and discover Troplong Mondot differently.


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Editorial by Aymeric de Gironde, President of Château Troplong Mondot. “A few years ago, I came to Troplong Mondot, as a simple visitor. I felt a unique atmosphere. (…)”
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