Nestled in the heart of the Troplong Mondot vineyard, the Michelin-star restaurant, Les Belles Perdrix, offers a rare and sublime setting from which to enjoy an interlude and experience the cuisine of Chef David Charrier.


Favouring accuracy and getting to the heart of the matter so as to enhance the flavours, such is the goal of David Charrier. His cuisine transcends each and every detail to create an intimately linked ensemble revealing the richness of the different savours.

Inspired by encounters and experiences, he has succeeded in creating, at Les Belles Perdrix, a place true to his image: sensitive and determined. The Chef interprets, with complete freedom of mind, Troplong Mondot’s quest for excellence.



Here the light makes the resources vibrate and multiplies the perspectives. The huge bay window, stretching towards the horizon, encourages the vineyard to invite itself to the table. Through the materials and the combination of lines, the interior architect, Bruno Moinard, has succeeded in integrating poetry into a landscape of sheer beauty.


David Charrier loves the little aspects of life that spice up our existence: surpassing oneself, the last-minute adrenaline feeling, the satisfaction of selecting his own vegetables, the smiles of those sitting around the table …

Conscious of the importance of the origins of the produce, he participated in creating a nourishing permaculture vegetable garden on the property. Its production is complemented by carefully selected local suppliers with whom he maintains a relationship of trust, based on consistent quality.


Nourished by the magic of childhood Sunday pastries, Adrien Salavert likes to create emotions. His desserts play the final note of a score sheet composed by the Chef. The two men strive alongside one another to create the generous combination of a special moment shared around a table, where the sobriety exalts the flavours.

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