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In the agricultural wine sector today, properties are facing a double challenge: to reduce their environmental impact and to limit the effects of climate change on their activity, which is, intrinsically, exposed to these disruptions.
The economist Alain Grandjean, a specialist in energy transition, shares his views on these issues.
Febuary 2022
"Trend projections show that, at this rate, temperatures could rise by 3 to 5 degrees by the end of the century ... a magnitude of variation observed during climate change."
"Projections show that large areas of the planet will become uninhabitable for human beings: too hot and too humid or on the contrary too dry and waterless. The human body cannot deal with these extremes. Likewise, ecosystems are not able to adapt to such rapid."

Alain Grandjean has a doctorate in environmental economics. Recognized for his expertise, he has worked as a consultant for more than 20 years, and has participated in or chaired several government commissions, foundations and think tanks. Co-founder and partner of Carbone4, he accompanies companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. He is notably a member of the High Council on Climate, created in 2018 to shed independent light on the government’s climate policy.

Interview conducted on October 28, 2021

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