Lookbook | ARTICLE #1

Building future, tomorrow’s memory

May 2021

From the top of its promontory, the Troplong Mondot vineyard embraces contours that have altered little since its creation in 1700. The continuous ambition of its successive owners has been to ensure the estate’s longevity. Each and every one of them has taken a step forward in time; a philosophy that the SCOR group, which has owned the estate since 2017, applies to both its career opportunities and its investments. Today, it is still a question of looking ahead whilst keeping an eye in the rear-view mirror. At a time of accelerating economic and social changes, it is more urgent than ever to initiate actions whose achievements will be witnessed only by future generations. The next chapter in the memory of Troplong Mondot is being written now.

A wine estate cannot be built in a day. It is a continuous exercise. As acquisitions and developments take place, both an environmental and a real estate heritage are developed so as to form a coherent whole. The notion of a relay takes on its full meaning in this context. The generation at the helm is dependent on its era, and has to adapt to economic, social and climatic elements in order to ensure the continuity of what it has received from its predecessors. And it presents itself as the custodian of a whole that it will, in turn, have to pass on, once its mark has been made: a renovated building, a new plot of land, a planted hedge… When things are considered from this perspective, humility must be applied: each and every one of us is a simple cog in a memory spanning several decades.

"By considering oneself as a simple element in a chain, one helps to create its continuity. And to ensure its longevity."
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