Lookbook | ARTICLE #2

Love at first sight

March 2020

It’s a blond facade that stands out in the distance. A silhouette that shimmers like gold under the setting sun. To reach it, you have to trace your way through interlacing small roads. The corners succeed one another. Follow the vines, turn right at the corner of a low wall, head towards the cluster of trees, let yourself be guided, as if attracted by an irresistible magnet. As the journey progresses, its profile escapes our gaze, then, out of the corner of our eye, it comes back into view.


The road suddenly drops down. This is the highest point. Intuition suggests that we broaden our field of vision. Yes, there, on the right, beyond the small wooden gate. Advance quietly under the tree canopy and admire the castle standing before us. The perfect volumes, the softness of the stone, the discreet elegance. Free of ostentation, and yet so present. Simply beautiful. Overwhelmed by the feeling of having arrived, we know, right from the first glance, that we are in the right place.


Curiosity prevails, of course, and we slip inside. The perspective, at the end of the corridor, draws us in, allowing us to discover a landscape, as eye catching as a show. A kind of authentic “wow effect”.

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