In the crazy era of the ephemeral and the immediate that is ours today, Troplong Mondot invites you to take the time to invoke this “Sense of Place”, unique to the estate. To reflect and exchange, like we would over a glass of wine. To stand tall, like Troplong Mondot on its hilltop, overlooking the view and stretching out across the horizon. To question ourselves and our surroundings. To challenge our ideas against those of others so as to find the truth. To take a step back so as to alter our point of view and open ourselves to new perspectives.


Over a short break, whilst reading, eyes will cross to give a particular light to Troplong Mondot’s world.  Each and every theme and encounter will reflect its spirit and will reveal its unique character, through the thousand facets that make up its personality. Whether deep or ephemeral, it will be a matter of encounters, discussions, interpretations and either intimate or universal reflections. All in a way that we hope will allow emotions to emerge and that will open the doors of our world to you. The world of Troplong Mondot.

Lookbook | ARTICLE #1

A certain outlook

Johan Berglund,
Documentary photographer
September 2019

Johan Berglund, a Swedish documentary photographer, visits vineyards worldwide, often with the wine critic, Neal Martin. He feels a particular attachment to Bordeaux. Between the harvesting period of 2018 and that of 2020, he surveys Troplong Mondot’s vineyard at his liberty and observes the property’s daily life as well as its ongoing alterations.

His expertise brings a particular meaning to the notion of Sense of Place, so dear to Troplong Mondot. Thanks to him, a whole universe reveals itself: a state of mind that creates a bond between photography and wine.

Taking photos seems so simple. A decent camera or even a phone and click! it’s done… But when you really look into it, it’s not actually that easy. And not just for technical reasons. It’s more a question of the way that you see things.

"What defines a good photo,
is the way in which the subject is observed"


It is the graphic structure and the use of contrasts that allows you to notice details. When developing my photos, I play with the accentuation and the emphasis brought on by contrasts, that punctuate the scene and amplify the subject.

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